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HERDI continues to offer client partners a unique experience, and the HERDI spring 2022 meeting did not disappoint. The meeting was, for many, the first time that college presidents, chancellors, and eager clients could get together in person for more than two COVID years. The HERDI Virtual panels offer an effective substitute, but there is nothing like meeting in person.

ACE Hotel in Brooklyn set the tone for the meeting with its unique environment.

The schedule was packed, and all panels and sponsorships were filled. Three new companies joined the HERDI family: COLLEGEAPP, CLASS, and MTX, and enjoyed the opportunity to network, listen, and build new relationships. Sponsorships for every special event were filled and the food and libations were enjoyed by all.

Here are a couple of quotes that give a flavor of the outcome of this HERDI meeting:

“HERDI is my favorite conference bar none. The relationships that we build breed candor between vendors and higher ed executives that I have found nowhere else.” Matt Logan, EAB

“HERDI was an excellent way for us to strengthen our product messaging and delivery strategy. We received so much valuable feedback from such esteemed professionals in higher ed. It truly was an honor to present and the feedback we received was incredibly valuable.”

Audrey Bradyhouse, ConexED


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