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Ding-Jo Currie and Pam Walker, Executive Directors and  
HERDI West’s mission is to strengthen and advance community colleges by providing corporate clients with the valuable opportunity to receive critical assessments of their products and services from fifty influential and diverse community college presidents, chancellors, and system leaders across the seven Western states (CA,WA,OR, AZ, NE, NM, and HI). Additionally, we offer dynamic opportunities for senior leaders to engage in think tank discussions concerning the most crucial and pertinent topics that address the challenges and shape the future of community colleges. HERDI West meetings are conveniently scheduled right before the Annual Conference of the Community College League of CA and the League of Innovation in the Community Colleges.
The goals we aim to achieve with our HERDI West Client Partners are as follows:
  • Establish enduring and collaborative relationships with senior leaders.
  • Acquire direct and candid feedback on current and future products/services.
  • Gain insights into the needs, challenges, initiatives, systems, and opportunities within community colleges.
  • Understand marketing approaches and procurement strategies employed by various community college institutions and sectors.

The goals we aim to achieve with our HERDI West Board Members are as follows:
  • Foster engaging think-tank experiences that yield creative solutions and innovative approaches for addressing challenges and shaping the future of community colleges.
  • Cultivate a robust and supportive community of practice among Board Members, promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  • Acquire valuable insights into cutting-edge products and services in the higher education marketplace, ensuring awareness of innovative solutions.
  • Contribute to the development of future products and services that have the potential to positively impact institutional effectiveness and enhance student success.
To facilitate the achievement of the aforementioned goals, HERDI West offers the following opportunities for Advisory Board Members and Client Partners:
  1. Advisory Board Meetings*: These meetings provide a platform for Board Members to engage in thought-provoking think-tank sessions on relevant and pressing topics within the community college landscape.
  2. Professional Development Sessions*: Designed to benefit both Client Partners and Board Members, these sessions offer valuable learning experiences and opportunities for skill enhancement.
  3. Three-Hour Think-Tank Sessions*: Client Partners have the chance to actively participate in focused think-tank sessions, interacting with a panel of five to six Board Members. These sessions encourage collaboration and the exchange of innovative ideas.
  4. Receptions*: Social receptions are organized to foster informal networking and establish social connections among Board Members and Client Partners.
  5. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Engagements*: These mealtime gatherings provide extensive opportunities for meaningful conversations and interactions among colleagues and Client Partners, allowing for deeper engagement.
  6. Survey Feedback: Board Members and Client Partners receive valuable insights through survey feedback, enabling them to gain a comprehensive understanding of the collective perspectives and opinions within the community college community.
  7. Follow Up: HERDI West will be fostering continuous communication and support for Board Members and Client Partners to facilitate and ensure necessary follow-up on further understanding or providing additional information as required.
*Sponsorships are available for Client Partners on the first-come-first-served basis. Discounts will be applied for sponsorship packages.
Future HERDI West events are listed on the Panel Sessions link. 
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