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Upcoming HERDI WEST Meetings:
  • November 13-15,2023, Palm Spring, CA, precedes Community College League of CA annual conference. Hotel registration: Hyatt Regency Palm Springs under HERDI West. 
    • The Welcome Reception starts at 5:00 PM on November 13th and the last panel session ends at 4:30 PM on November 15th. 
  • March 17 -19, 2024, Newport Beach California, Hyatt Regency Newport Beach

You may contact Ding-Jo Currie at or Pam Walker at to discuss becoming a Client Partner. 
What is a HERDI West Panel Session?
HERDI West provides Client Partners with the opportunity to engage in three-hour sessions with a panel of five or more community college presidents, chancellors, and system leaders. These sessions focus on relevant topics related to the development of current or future products and services that will serve the community colleges and their students. Client Partners are encouraged to ask insightful and intelligent questions to the panel, seeking feedback on the effectiveness, functionality, outcomes, relevancy, and credibility of their offerings.
The panel, comprising influential community college leaders, serves as valuable research and development consultants, providing essential insights into unmet needs and challenges within the market. Their expertise and experience enable them to offer important ground intelligence that can inform the development of Client Partners' products and services.
Importantly, the feedback provided by the panel is authentic, honest, and held in strict confidence. This feedback holds significant value for both current and future products and services. Community college presidents and chancellors are known for their direct, focused, and useful responses, offering invaluable insights to Client Partners' smart questions.
As a Client Partner, your HERDI West 12 month Membership offers several valuable benefits:
  • Two three-hour panel sessions: engage extensively during each session with a minimum of five community college presidents and chancellors from the Western seven states.
  • Reception and banquet networking: having multiple opportunities to connect and build meaningful and memorable relationships in the reception and during the banquet with the HERDI West Board consisting of 30 to 50 influential attending presidents/chancellors and system leaders.
  • Direct access for follow-up: enjoy the privilege of having direct access to president/chancellor panel members for requested follow-up resulting from the panel discussions.
If your company is passionate about supporting the thriving of community colleges and the success of their students, joining HERDI West as a Client Partner will enable you to reach your goals much more efficiently and effectively.
Virtual Sessions are welcomed by busy HERDI West Board members and Clients because of convenience and cost effectiveness. These are scheduled on demand.


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