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What is a HERDI Panel Session?  
HERDI brings companies face to face with Community College Presidents and Chancellors in a three-hour “Shark Tank”- like session to answer all their questions regarding the effectiveness, credibility, and persuasiveness of their product or service. The panel becomes the company’s personal research and development arm by providing important feedback.  Our panelists are not shy.  They listen and tell it like it is…because what you do with their input will ultimately benefit their students and them, as well.
As a Client Partner, your HERDI 12 month Membership includes:
  • Two three-hour panels with at least 5 Community College Presidents or Chancellors from across the United States.
  • The opportunity to join in a reception and banquet with the HERDI Advisory Board of over 30 Community College Presidents and Chancellors where you can network and start to develop meaningful relationships.
  • Access to your panel members for up to twelve months for appropriate follow up regarding the actions you took as a result of your panel discussion.
If you are a company with a passion for helping students succeed and for community colleges to stay relevant, then you will not want to miss this opportunity!
Due to high demand during the pandemic for continuous feedback from influential Community College leaders, we are continuing an additional way companies can work with most of the HERDI Divisions.  It is called HERDI Virtual.  Clients can now contract for Virtual panels throughout the year.  Many find this a more convenient, affordable, and timely way to access these Panel Sessions.
Upcoming Panel Sessions:
In Person  2023
  • March 29. 30, 31  Denver, CO  St Julien Hotel & Spa
  • October 7, 8, 9      Las Vegas, NV Planet Hollywood
In Person  2024
  • April 3, 4, 5             Louisville KY  21c Museum Hotel
  • October 21,22,23    Seattle WA Site The Lotte Hotel Seattle
You may contact the President/CEO of HERDI, Toni Cleveland at for more information on how to become a client partner.
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