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HERDI Innovate continues to grow in Savannah

In April of 2023 HERDI Innovate took over Savannah Ga as it held its 4th official in-person session since its launch in late October 2019. The Alida Hotel graciously hosted us as we all gathered in their quaint meeting spaces, bars and dining. The Board members had their own private “Savannah for Morons” tour, taking up two full Trolleys. We had a great professional development session on “Equity in Design” presented by Cengage. We explored three different restaurants on the river during our progressive dinner, thanks to our sponsors, Cengage and WonUp. We learned a lot about Learning Science from our sponsor, Motimatic and we enjoyed great food and drinks thanks to our sponsors, Ancora, Schribble and Ferrilli. We had 14 panel sessions that provided the HERDI Innovate Board solutions to their most pressing challenges. Of those 14 sessions, 8 were new companies to HERDI Innovate. HERDI Innovate also has brought on 11 new advisory board members and now has a total of 58 and counting. It was such an honor to work alongside our esteemed advisory board members and innovative companies as we all came together for the sole purpose of creating better products and empowering student success for community colleges across the US. It was such a hit that we already have 9 companies signed up for our fall conference in Phoenix October 25th-28th.


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