Upcoming Sessions:

HERDI South is offering virtual panels in 2022.  Contact Rhonda Catanzaro at rhonda@herdi.org to schedule.


The 2022 Think Tank Session will be held December 1-3 at the Atlanta Ritz Carlton immediately preceding the SACS Annual Meeting.  Panels and sponsorships are still available.  Contact Jim Catanzaro at jim@herdi.org or call 423-443-7006.

Previous Sessions:

HERDI South 2021 in Dallas, TX was the best yet! 
Read more about this in person event here

How to become a HERDI South partner: contact Jim Catanzaro at herdi@herdi.org.

HERDI Fall Meeting in San Francisco Exceeds Expectations

HERDI Advisory Board members as well as new and returning client/partners were treated to special events at this fall session.  Beginning with an In-Service educational presentation on Blockchain at the amazing SALESFORCE headquarters building, the community college presidents then had their semi-annual meeting and reception, hosted by SALESFORCE. ORG.

In addition to having the largest number of panels to date, every event was sponsored and executed with perfection.  Two New Companies:  K12 INSIGHT and  ACUE  joined nine Returning companies: ORACLE, CLASS LINK, FERRILLI, STRADA EDUCATION NETWORK (DXtera,Institute), CENGAGE, QUALTRICS, SALESFORCE.ORG, BLACKBOARD, and BIOMETRIC SIGNATURE ID.  Evaluations completed by the college presidents/chancellors as well as the client/partners confirmed the commercial/academic value of the HERDI process where students are the key beneficiary.


This also served as a great kickoff for HERDI Innovate (click here) with eight new client/partners and a great deal of enthusiasm.


The next HERDI meeting is scheduled for September 28 - 30 in Chicago and will fill up soon.  Contact Toni now to reserve your spot.