Due to high demand for continuous feedback from influential Community College leaders, we are continuing an additional way companies can work with most of the HERDI Divisions.  It is called HERDI Virtual.  Clients can now contract for Virtual panels throughout the year.

HERDI Virtual provides an efficient, affordable way to gain critical market research from decision makers on your marketing, solutions, and services.  With pre-event surveys and an interactive, on-line focus group with members from any of our Advisory Boards, we know you will find incredible value in this experience.

Upcoming Conferences:

In 2021, HERDI plans to host the following events:



  • March 25, 26 (FULL)

  • April 15,16, 22, 23, 29, 30 (FULL)

  • June 11 (FULL)

  • August 19 (FULL)

  • September 10 (FULL)

In person in San Diego, CA

  • October 11 - 13 (In person, San Diego, CA)

HERDI Innovate Conferences

HERDI South Conferences

HERDI IC Conferences

Previous Conferences:


It was March, 2020 and we were all scheduled for our HERDI spring conference in Washington, D.C.

But there was a pandemic and no one was willing—or allowed--to travel.

Still, all the companies who were contracted to be in D.C. wanted to have their panels with Community College leaders.  So the solution became obvious.  Let’s do it virtually.

And that became a whole new successful platform for HERDI.  In fact we even gave it that name:  HERDI Virtual.  It’s a platform that will continue even after the pandemic is (thankfully) over, and HERDI returns to in-person meetings in the spring and fall in tandem with AACC and ACCT.  You really can’t beat the person to person contact that the HERDI Conferences provide; but sometimes the timing and the budgets call for an alternative.  That alternative will be HERDI Virtual.  

The HERDI crew has been really busy during the past several masked, quarantined, lonely months.  Just take a look at all the HERDI Virtual Panels that have occurred in 2020:

  • April 23 CENGAGE

  • May 14 EAB

  • June 25 STRADA

  • August 20 EAB

  • September 9 ACUE

  • September 17 QUALTRICS

  • September 25 ClassLink

  • September 30 OCELOT

  • October 2 CENGAGE, ClassLink

  • October 7 STRADA Education at Work

  • October 16 FERRILLI

  • October 19 AKADEMOS

  • October 26 ZOGOTECH

  • November 2 BibliU,  SWIM DIGITAL

Note that HERDI South and HERDI Innovate held virtual panels as well!

Obviously, company response to virtual panels has been excellent, but we’re still looking forward to our in-person meetings as well.  

See the schedule above for HERDI 2021 meetings.

HERDI Fall, 2019 Meeting in San Francisco Exceeds Expectations

HERDI Advisory Board members as well as new and returning client/partners were treated to special events at this fall conference.  Beginning with an In-Service educational presentation on Blockchain at the amazing SALESFORCE headquarters building, the community college presidents then had their semi-annual meeting and reception, hosted by SALESFORCE. ORG.

In addition to having the largest number of panels to date, every event was sponsored and executed with perfection.  Two New Companies:  K12 INSIGHT and  ACUE  joined nine Returning companies: ORACLE, CLASS LINK, FERRILLI, STRADA EDUCATION NETWORK (DXtera,Institute), CENGAGE, QUALTRICS, SALESFORCE.ORG, BLACKBOARD, and BIOMETRIC SIGNATURE ID.  Evaluations completed by the college presidents/chancellors as well as the client/partners confirmed the commercial/academic value of the HERDI process where students are the key beneficiary.


This also served as a great kickoff for HERDI Innovate with eight new client/partners and a great deal of enthusiasm.


The next HERDI meeting is scheduled for March 25-27 in Washington, D, C. and will fill up soon.  Contact Toni now to reserve your spot.

Fall 2019 Conference - October 14-16, San Francisco, Sir Francis Drake