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After two years of very productive virtual HERDI sessions, our semi-annual session was held in person, October 11-13 in San Diego; and everyone was anxious and excited to get together. It was an eager crowd of 84 individuals, including 34 Community college presidents and chancellors and 46 corporate executives. It was, in fact, the largest group HERDI had ever assembled.

The session panels proved very productive, as evidenced by comments on evaluations as listed below. Our many sponsors, including ConexEd, ClassLink, FERRILLI, EAB, CENGAGE, edamerica, and SWIM Digital Group added a special festive flavor to the proceedings.

Company comments from the HERDIFall, 2021 Session:


“We had a great panel! The time length, engagement and enthusiasm with our panelists was outstanding. I can't think of anything which would have improved our session.”

“HERDI is a great way to learn and get feedback in a candid and transparent setting.”


“Really excited, they had great energy and wanted to provide actionable feedback so we could help more schools and students.”

“Valuable feedback on our new product suite that will help us with messaging and R&D”

“Really great panel feedback. Super open-minded, very candid, and a warm presence. Awesome conversation around messaging, what they see value in, and how to get to the right people when wanting to have these conversations."


"HERDI is a unique gathering of community college leaders and their key partners, which facilitates and inspires deep engagement around the highlights and challenges of delivering on the mission of these vital institutions. We continue to value our relationship with HERDI and its members, which ultimately helps us better serve the higher education community in achieving their goals."


We received feedback on our direction, and how we are presenting ourselves. It’s great to hear a diverse group of perspectives, while also seeing patterns across the panelists. We also received great thoughts around how we can help decision makers overcome various kinds of internal hurdles they may face.”


The information and candid feedback that we received from all of the panelists was invaluable and will be SO helpful as we continue to develop and enhance our marketing and our pitch going into 2022. It was terrific to see and hear from 7 very different college presidents, and to watch as they interact and engage with one another. Their feedback and knowledge about what might move them to take action and invest in their faculty was very helpful.”

Now everyone is preparing for our Spring Session, April 27-29, 2022 in New York City, Join us for all the insights HERDI can bring to your product or service.

Call Toni Cleveland at 804-516-6970.


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