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Boulder is a Winner

HERDI arrived in Boulder, CO to great weather and a great hotel. The St. Julien Hotel and Spa exceeded all expectations. The rooms provided a great comfort level and those with views of the mountains were delightful. Fifteen companies joined us and six were new client partners to HERDI. CollegeAPP provided a delightful after dinner talk focusing on why they developed their product. Other sponsors provided insights to their passions over breakfast and lunch. Returning companies continue to re-enforce the value of thoughtful critiques provided by the Presidents and Chancellors.

"I found HERDI an exceptional learning and sharing experience. It was an incredible opportunity to spend quality time with an expert group of education leaders. Hugely valuable." - Nick Salmon, COO, BibliU

At the event, HERDI West was announced as the latest division in the HERDI family. They will kick off with a virtual meeting in July and have their first in-person meeting in mid-November.

We look forward to the next HERDI National meeting in Las Vegas, NV Oct 7-9, 2023. Join us! It will be the best investment your company makes.

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