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HERDI Innovate is Growing!

Toni and Kathy from HERDI Innovate

Our 2019 Fall Conference in San Francisco sold out. For those not yet aware of HERDI Innovate, Here’s some important background: HERDI Innovate is an opportunity for smaller, start-up companies with innovative technologies to get ahead of their competition as they pursue the Community College market.

Our mission is to assist these technology companies in bringing the best products and services to meet the needs of the community college market and support students’ progress toward their educational goals. All this at a cost more commensurate with their size and stage of development.

By participating in HERDI Innovate, you will have the opportunity to spend 2 hours presenting and interacting with a panel of 5-7 HERDI Board members who are Community College Vice Presidents/ Vice-Chancellors and CIOs. Some have compared this opportunity to a “Shark Tank” experience where you will share your company and products, discuss your goals and gain valuable insights from the decision makers themselves. You will receive feedback and advice on your products and services, saving you valuable time and money in research and development. This esteemed panel will be your key to unlocking the potential of your product or service in the Community College market.

“Community colleges across the country are employing technology in exciting ways to develop unique learning environments on campus and to expand online learning opportunities 24/7.” Bill Gates

If you are a company with a passion for helping students succeed and for community colleges to stay ahead of the curve, you will not want to miss this opportunity!

You may contact the Director of HERDI Innovate, Kathy Roman, at for more information on how to become a client partner.

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