HERDI is the Higher Education Research and Development Institute. Our Advisory Boards represent more than 60 of the most innovative Community Colleges in the country. Chancellors and other levels of leadership from these institutions meet with our clients to achieve the HERDI Mission. The mission is to provide better products and services for students, faculty and staff of America’s Community Colleges by facilitating frank and critical dialogue between Community College leaders and the business community that seeks to serve them.

Due to high demand for feedback right now from influential community college leaders, we’re announcing a new way companies can work with HERDI. It’s called HERDIVirtual.


HERDIVirtual provides an efficient, affordable way to gain critical market research from decision makers on your marketing, solutions and services. With pre-event surveys and an interactive, online focus group with members from any of our Advisory Boards, we know you'll find incredible value in this experience. Here's what we provide:

  • Before the panel

    • Clients select panelists from advisory boards (HERDI, HERDI South, HERDI Innovate

    • We can work with you to develop online surveys/polls to be delivered before and during the panel

    • We'll connect you with your panel chair and provide a list of all panelists to help you prepare

    • We'll schedule time with you to review your pre-work, agenda and slides

    • We can create a minute by minute schedule for the event so everyone stays on track

  • The virtual panel

    • We provide secure, online meetings and support using live video and best practices for security and privacy

    • We provide panel moderation support, if needed

    • We'll launch live online polls and facilitate the chat over the course of the panel, if needed


  • After the panel

    • We'll provide you with a post-event report that includes panelist evaluations and all survey/poll responses

We've held a number of successful HERDI Virtual panels already. Would you like to learn more about them? If so, please email us at herdi@herdi.org or complete our Contact Us form. We look forward to connecting!