Upcoming Sessions:



  • May 5th    

  • May 6th   

  • May 12th     

  • June 9th    

  • June 10th   

  • June 16th    

  • November 3rd   

  • November 4th   

  • November 8th   

  • December 8th  

  • December 9th 

Live Conferences ​

  • March 30th - April 1st, 2022 Washington DC Park Hyatt 

  • September 29 - 30th, 2022 Denver, CO (hotel details to come) 

What is included in your fee:

HERDI Innovate is looking for technology companies, innovators and entrepreneurs that can show promising results for their product or service to improve College Readiness and completion while supporting students’ progress toward their educational goals.  Your fee to participate as a presenting company will include:

  • One two (2)-hour panel with at least 5 Community College Vice Presidents or Vice Chancellors from across the United States

  • You will have the opportunity to join in a reception with over 25 Community College Vice Presidents/ Vice-Chancellors and CIOs where you can network and start to develop meaningful relationships.

  • Access to your panel members for up to six months for follow up regarding the actions you took as a result of your panel discussion within reason.


If you are a company with a passion for helping students succeed and community colleges stay relevant then you will not want to miss this opportunity!


You may contact the Director of HERDI Innovate, Kathy Roman, at herdi@herdi.org for more information on how to become a client partner.